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Great customer service helps great customers find the best answer to every question.Great customer service helps great customers find the best answer to every question.
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Request Caller is an advanced calling platform that enables users to place cheap international phone calls, from ANYWHERE in the world. It is a better solution than PC to Phone because of its quality, features, and calling flexibility. Frequently Asked Questions


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How can Request Caller reduce my international long distance bills up to 90%?
Request Caller is a service where you can be located anywhere in the world, and still make global telephone calls at very low rates. In fact, makes a lot of sense if conference calling is a critical part of your business. You can save 70-90% on all your calls domestic, overseas, and from overseas back to the USA, or to anywhere else in the world.

What are the features and benefits of

  • Access the Request Caller Network from anywhere in the world.
  • Global, reservationless, teleconferencing from anywhere to anywhere
  • Multiple Connection Options, including toll-free dial in, toll-dial in, and global web dial out
  • Manage live conference details online with every call
  • View account details online
  • No sign-up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No volume minimum requirement
  • No account cancellation fee
  • No hidden taxes
  • Rechargeable 24 hours a day
  • Read more about Request Caller features

Do the connections have a clear sound quality? uses the latest digital routing and conference switching equipment. We use full fiber-optic cabling throughout the network, providing callers the finest quality service currently available. We constantly upgrade our system to maintain technical superiority. All our switches have 100% digital ISDN circuits.

Can I keep my current long-distance carrier?
Yes. You can keep your long distance company. You can use to make a long distance call, an international call or global call without ever picking up the phone. This is why Request Caller is perfect for you.

Can I use any phone to take advantage of these low international rates?
Yes, in fact many of our top clients use a variety of phones. Business telephones, cell phones, VOIP, are all compatible with Request Caller.

Does Request Caller allow me to quickly store often used numbers?
Yes. You can store up to 30 favorite global telephone numbers in your "phone book." Just another convenient way to make Request Caller even easier to use.

How do I report a technical problem?
The best way to get directly in touch with our technical department and for them to take care of your problem is give a written email. This ensures better tracking, and accessing the questions you have. Email


How It Works

How do I use Request Caller?

  • For Web Dial Out

    Relieve your participants of any dialing headaches. Give them the "red carpet" treatment by bringing your conference to them. A convenient method of connecting participants is with Request Caller's Web Dial Out service. Web Dial Out allows you to have Request Caller call the participant (this includes you), regardless of the country they are located. Just login anywhere globally, and with a few simple clicks, you can begin conferencing with up to 50 global participants.

    1. Login to your account at
    2. Enter the number where you are currently located (anywhere in the world)
    3. Enter the destination number of the party you would like to call.
    4. Our system will call you first, and ask you to join a conference call. Push 1 to join.
    5. Next, our system will call your destination number, and connect the two calls. You can have up to 50 participants connected on Request Caller at one time. If you need more than 50 participants, please call and speak to one of our sales specialists.
    6. It is that simple. You can use our service from anywhere in the world and benefit from our low rates.

Can participants outside the USA, including me, use a Request Caller account?
Yes indeed! That is one of the many great features of Request Caller. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. With Web Dial Out, all you need is an internet connection to access your account. Simply log in and enter your origination number and destination number. Our system will connect the lines together.

If I am at a hotel, am I able to use the account from my room?
Yes. All you need is an internet connection to trigger the call to your room, and then connect the two lines. After that, you can disconnect from the internet and talk for as long as you want.


Rates & Billing

How low are rates? offers the lowest rates available anywhere for international connections. Our customers have reduced costs between 70% and 90% on their international phone bills by using instead of local providers, hotels, cell phones, and other calling card services. View rates and see the difference.

At what increments do you bill in?
We bill in 1 minute increments for only connected calls.

Do calling rates differ depending on the time of day?
No. Request Caller uses the "one rate" method. You save around the clock, and need not be concerned about when calls are made.

Are there any monthly fees?
There are no monthly fees.

How can I pay for Request Caller?
Verified by Visa is the preferred payment method for Request Caller. We also accept AMEX, VISA, Mastercard & Discover.

What happens if my balance runs low during a call?
You will hear a message prompt letting you know how many minutes are left in your current conference call. You cannot recharge your account while your conference code is in a call. Once the conference is disconnected, you may log into, and recharge your account.

If I run out of money how do I recharge my account?
Just log in, enter the recharge amount, and we will update your balance instantly.

How can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account at anytime. Simply use the remaining balance on your account or email our support team.

How can I get billing information if I need it for accounting purposes?
Just click on the Login button on the navigation bar that appears on our home page. Click on the conference code you would like to view, and the billing information is displayed for local printing or downloading.

How do I get a refund?
You can only receive a refund if the calling card has a full balance and the purchase, indentified by order id (ORD #) was made in the past 90 days. All credits are posted back to the payment method used for the purchase. Please request the refund written in email to, and a customer service representative will assist you.



How do I get this service?
Simply complete the sign up form. Your account will be activated and user instructions will be e-mailed to you.

How long will it take to set up an account?
Your account will be available to use immediately upon approval. New customer approvals occur between the hours of 8:30 AM and 1:00 AM EDT. If payment method is Verified by Visa, approval is done instantly.

Are there any sign up fees?
There are no sign up fees.

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?
Yes, Request Caller is a prepaid service. You will be asked to select the amount that you which to add to your prepaid conferencing account. As you make calls, the charges for them will be deducted from this amount. You may recharge your account at any time, at any balance. If you make a high volume of calls, please call us directly to talk about other billing options.

How will I receive my account information?
You will receive all new account information and dialing instructions via e-mail immediately after we process your order.

Do I receive a plastic card?
No, you will not receive a plastic card. However, as soon as you receive new account information by email, you may immediately use the service.


How is the mobile version of Request Caller different from the way I access Request Caller using my computer?
It's exactly the same.

How do I connect to the mobile version?
Just go to and enter your three-digit security code to request a call

What mobile phones can be used with Request Caller?
We are completely web-based, so you can request a call from any mobile device that has internet access and a WAP-enabled browser. Blackberry, Treo, Windows Mobile, Nokia . . . our application-free service makes every calling experience hassle-free.

Can I request an international call without signing up for my mobile provider's international calling plan?
Yes! In many places, and especially the US, most phones can't make an international call without a special plan from your provider. The plan alone can cost 50.00 USD a year, and then the calls can cost .20-.40 a minute above that. With RequestCaller you pay one low rate that varies depending on where you're calling.

Do I have to log in and enter my PIN every time I request a call from my mobile?
You don't need a PIN number. For security reasons you will be prompted to enter a three-digit security code to initiate a call request.

Will I ever be hit with roaming charges?
Request Caller will never add any roaming charges. The only roaming charges that might be assessed will be from your mobile provider.

Does Request Caller let me manage my account from my smartphone?
Yes! On a smartphone you can check or add to your account balance, make changes to your account, or perform any other function that you're used to doing online.

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